Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out

The first hurdle in writing an online dating profile is coming up with a catchy opening line or profile header. There are various ways to go about doing this. Do you want to be funny, philosophical, or sweet and romantic? Aside from your dating profile picture, the profile header is the first thing that users will see. So if you want your potential mates to click on your profile and not move on to the next in line, you should avoid overused, generic, and un-thought of lines. To give you a better idea of what we’re talking about, below are some commonly used lines along with suggestions of alternative ways of writing them:

Self-selling: “I’m the one for you,” “Pick me!,” and “Your search stops here.”

Especially with the last line mentioned above, the cockiness might not work to your advantage. Or if the line does manage to get people to click on your page, it would take a LOT of interesting personal tidbits to back up the attitude. Don’t get us wrong, cockiness and having that “oomph” in describing yourself can pique people’s interests and even elicit grins. But if your profile reads more like an equipment manual than a personal dating profile, the only things you’ll get are smirks, or worse, flaming comments.

As for the eager-beaver “pick me!” line, using it will only make you appear a tad too desperate. Instead of telling people to pick you, give them good and witty reasons why they should do so. Capitalize on your awesome qualities and use them as your selling points.

Humor and wit: “I’m a funny girl or guy,” “I want someone with a sense of humor.”

Again, specificity is key. What kind of humor makes you roll on the floor laughing? Are you a fan of slapstick humor or do you prefer the wry and dry type of humor? Instead of saying “someone who can make me laugh” or “someone funny,” say “someone with a sense of humor comparable to Jon Stewart’s,” or any of your favorite comedians for that matter. This way, you’re giving people a clearer idea of what you find humorous, which will consequently help them cook up ways to make you laugh.

If you’re marketing yourself as a funny guy or girl, you can try “I make Bernie Mac seem as funny as your grandma.” Or you can also try simple lines like “I carnt spel.” Or if you’re a straight guy, you can try “I’m not gay. I’m just ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS.” There are tons of lines you can use here, really. Just remember that when dealing with humor, it’s always better to show than to tell.

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Types of Online Dating Services

Especially for dating neophytes, it’s all too easy to get lost and overwhelmed with the number of online dating websites that proliferate on the Internet. So to give you an idea of where and how to start, below is a list of some of the general types of online dating services offered by various websites:

Personals dating websites

The most common type, and perhaps the earliest form, of dating service are the personal ads. Originally posted on local newspapers or distributed in the form of flyers, personal ads are used by romance-seekers who have a defined idea of what they’re looking for in a partner. The way personals dating websites work is that the sites visitors can view and browse through dating profiles or personal ads of different users, and pick out the ones which they deem they’re most compatible with. Depending on the website host, viewing of profiles may be part of the 100% free dating online service, restricted, or require registration and membership.

Matchmaking websites

Matchmaking websites are a lot like personals dating websites in that users can browse through individual profiles. However, matchmaking websites give that extra push in helping you find your partner by matching you with users who have similar contents in their profiles. This can be done by looking for your matches according to musical taste, hobbies, location, type of relationship desired, etc.

Niche online dating

Because of the gazillions of websites that offer online dating and matchmaking services, people are constantly cooking up ways on how to help love searchers narrow down their choices. Using categories and classifications is the most common approach used in online dating sites, but there are those who raise it up a notch and host dating websites based entirely on a single common interest. As the name implies, niche online dating sites focus on the users specific characteristic or interest around which the online community is built.

Niche online dating websites are usually based on religion, passion, specific hobbies, famous TV shows, or belief. There are various dating websites that cater to dog lovers, sci-fi fanatics, Catholic singles, Jewish eligibles, and tons more. The popularity of niche online dating websites is proof that one of the easiest ways to connect with someone is to have a common ground to start from. By being able to establish right away what that common ground is, users will have more time getting to know the other facets of the personality of their potential mates.

These are just some of the general types of online dating services you can find on the Internet today. If you plan on trying out online dating websites, make sure you visit and browse through several ones first to see which site and type of service would suit you best.

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What Makes an Online Dating Profile Interesting?

While it’s true that your picture is the first thing that online daters look at, a catchy and intriguing profile would keep your potential mate’s eyes on your profile page. No matter how gorgeous you are, an interesting personality as shown by your profile is still necessary to back up that pretty face of yours. You’ll see how important your dating profile is just by looking at the number of websites that offer professional services just to help you write your profile. If you want to make your profile catchy and intriguing, below are some basic tips you can follow:

Keep in mind that online dating is not a competition.

One of the things that could easily turn off your potential mates is if you try to elevate yourself while knocking others down. Avoid using statements that are degrading to either sex such as “I’m not cheap and easy” or “I’m not sex-obsessed unlike the others here.” Don’t explicitly tell people to eliminate their other options and just focus on you; your interesting and well-crafted profile will do that for you.

Highlight your skills and assets without “selling” yourself.

Most users write their profiles with the aim of impressing potential mates, and forget that the main goal really is to provide glimpses of who they are. Online dating profiles are a good venue to showcase your endearing qualities and traits. However, be careful in doing so because you might come off as having “chutzpah” that is more than what your personality can account for.

Be funny, but use wisecracks sparingly.

Everyone loves a good sense of humor. But if your online dating profile is full of nothing but jokes and witty repartee, people may not take you seriously and think that you’re not “long-term relationship material.” If you’re a good comedian as you say you are, you should also know when it’s appropriate to insert a thigh-slapping joke in your profile and when to be more serious.

Be creative and specific.

This may sound a bit vague to you so here’s an example: instead of saying “i like to read books,” write “i like reading books that mix fantasy and realism” or “i like to read books by (insert favorite authors here).” Instead of just listing your hobbies, give specific information on how you go about doing them and why you enjoy such activities. Another example: instead of saying “i love camping,” give some of the specific activities you do on your camping trips that you enjoy like building bonfires and roasting marshmallows, or singing along to the strum of your guitar.

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Tips on Choosing your Dating Profile Picture

Aside from your profile header, one of the things that immediately catch people’s attention is your profile photo. Several studies have shown that in the world of online dating, the people who get the least profile views are those who do not bother to put a face behind the witty profile header. While personality and profile content are definitely important, it’s an innate human quality to initially operate on a visual level. So if your profile photo is a bit disconcerting, even the most amazingly written profile may not be able to make the users stay on your page long enough to actually read your profile. To avoid falling into this trap, below are some considerations to take into when choosing your dating profile photo:

It should show how your face looks like TODAY.

Those sunglasses may make you look like a splitting image of Audrey Hepburn, but this won’t be an effective way of giving users an idea of how you really look like. You know how some people place a premium on how your eyes look and seemingly pierce into theirs? Well, you’re immediately eliminating that market if you use a profile photo that doesn’t even show your pretty blues or hazy grays.

Also, make sure the pictures you post show how you look like in this day and age. Some people post pictures taken years ago when they were leaner, slimmer, or had faces devoid of acne. Doing so may prove to be effective in getting people to view your page, but you might only end up disappointing them when you meet up and they see that your profile photo only slightly resembles your actual appearance.

Half-nakedness (almost) always translates to poor taste.

There is only one way that posting a half-naked picture of you would work to your advantage, and that’s if you’re looking for a one-night stand or a casual sex partner. This applies not just to men who show off their six-packs (or lack thereof), but also to women who take pictures of themselves while wearing sexy lingerie. For the ladies, doing so may cause you to have a hard time finding a partner who can look beyond your curves and assets, and appreciate you for being the beautiful person you are.

And as for the men, ladies will know you worked mighty hard on achieving those lean-cut six-packs. But if you want to be seen as the fun and laid back boy next door (as compared to gym-going buffster), you might want to keep your shirt on for the meantime. Besides, women have a way of gauging men’s body size even with their shirts on. So, you don’t need to worry that all those hours you spent on the gym will go unnoticed in the dating website.

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Online Dating – Is it for You?

Feel like you keep meeting the same types of people when you go out or get set up on dates? Through online dating websites, you can expand your horizons, and meet all sorts of people from all walks of life and from different parts of the globe. But just as there are benefits to gain from online dating services, there are also downsides to them. Read on to find out what these are.

Advantages and Upsides

One of the most evident advantages of using online dating services is the convenience and efficiency. Right at the comfort of your own home, you can look for and get to know potential mates sans the effort and costs of going out. Another upside to subscribing to online dating services is that you get to know a person on a one-on-one basis. All are aware how some precarious situations can sometimes cause people to act and talk differently as they would under normal circumstances. With both of you being in a comfortable environment, you’re more likely to open up and reveal interesting facets of your personality.

Another advantage of online dating is that you can find out immediately if the person you’re eyeing has the same interests and hobbies as you do. Especially with niche online dating services, you can easily narrow down your search and save some of your precious time by working on an established common ground right from the get go. By catering to a specific target market, niche dating websites allow users to connect with people who are passionate about the same things as they are. Examples of niche dating websites are those designed for book lovers, musicians, writers, animal lovers, Christians, vegetarians, and tons more.

Downsides and Disadvantages

Some people say that online dating takes out the fun of the traditional art of dating. Some also criticize online dating services for being impersonal, because initial communication is made through emails and instant messaging. But perhaps one of the aspects of online dating that is most exaggerated by the media is the danger of communicating and meeting up with strangers. However, the sad thing is that such media reports are often based on factual events. While it’s true that dating websites are not necessarily breeding grounds for serial killers, there are still some people who try to scam website users for money. Most dating websites filter and screen those who register, but you should also do your part and observe safety precautions especially when giving out personal information. By practicing basic rules of safety in online dating, you can reap all the benefits it offers and enjoy the process of meeting potential mates through the Internet.

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Pay As You Play: $50 a Date Matchmaking Service

Pay as you play in the world of online dating refers to a type of service offered by online dating websites. Whereas some websites offer free dating services to their users, some sites charge a registration fee for their users to cover the specific services they offer such as matchmaking, setting you up with a date, and even actual planning for the romantic meet-up. Such services are convenient especially for those who lead busy lifestyles and do not have the time to go through the nitty gritty details of setting up a romantic date.

Pay as you play: how it works

The edge that pay as you play websites have over the other dating websites is that the former offers a more personalized way of looking for your potential matches. Pay as you play websites have what they call resident matchmakers. These resident matchmakers are the ones tasked with conducting interviews with users to find out more about what they look for in a partner, and to entertain any questions the users may have. After the interview, you will then be asked to pay a one-time registration fee, after which the matchmakers will then set out to find compatible matches for you.

Once they find potential matches with eligible singles online, you will be contacted regarding the details of the date and why that person was chosen for you. You, of course, can choose to either accept or decline the date offer. If both parties accept the date invitation, the matchmakers will choose the time and place where the date will take place. This will be done in consultation with both parties. Once you agree on the date the matchmakers set up for you, you have to pay $50 in exchange for the services.

Advantages and perks

The most evident advantage of getting pay as you play services is the convenience and ease with which dates are set up for you. If you’re interested in the person that the matchmakers set up for you, all you basically have to do is show up at the chosen place for the date and be your usual charming self. Know though, that the fee you paid for the date does not include whatever expenses both parties will incur during the actual date. If the date goes well and both parties want to go on another date, the website will be in charge of providing contact information — but only with the consent of both parties. Some pay as you play websites even have time guarantees to ensure efficiency, such as refunds if they’re not able to find you a potential match within a certain amount of time.

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What to Expect from Online Dating Services

Online dating services and websites have different ways of conducting their business. Some may take on a more interactive approach by having online chat support where users can directly contact the website’s managing staff, while some only enable communication with the users for bug and fixes reports. Knowing what you can expect from the online dating service websites you subscribe to is helpful so that you know what to do should you encounter any problems with the service.

Technical support

Most online dating sites have a technical support team to which you can forward any problems or issues regarding site functionality and usage. Questions on how to edit your profile, or how to upload and tag photos would fall under this category. If you’re getting spammed by unknown users, you can also forward your complaints to the website’s support staff.

Content filters

This is one of the more tricky parts of online dating website management. The content filters that some dating websites use have allowed users to report offensive profile content such as nude photos, derogatory racial remarks, and religion-bashing messages and comments. However, the part that becomes tricky is when such offensive content is made or sent off-site.

See, most dating websites follow the general rule of not meddling with their users’ personal lives. This means that while they will do their best to filter the information and content sent on their website, they have no control over what happens or what is said outside of the website. Users can’t sue or blame the website if the woman or man they dated through the website turns out to be a stalker or starts issuing grave threats. Bottomline is, while the website can help ward off potential stalkers or scammers, you also have to do your part and observe basic rules of safety when giving out information and using the website’s services.

Terms and conditions

Be wary of online dating sites that do not have their own privacy policy or terms and conditions. As a legit business website, this information should be displayed on their site for users to view and read. Even though these documents tend to be long and boring, it’s still important for users to at least skim through the contents to know what it is they’re signing up for. Especially for online dating websites that involve exchange of money, users should read this document to know which possible liabilities and risks the website will shoulder or waive.

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Online Speed Dating: How it Works

Speed dating can be seen as one of the best examples of the hustle-bustle way the average 20th century individual lives her or his life. Placing emphasis on convenience and time efficiency, online speed dating provides an even better option for those who do not have the time and financial resources to go on several dates. Online speed dating is also a good alternative for those who are too shy to strike up conversations in social events and locations such as clubs and bars.

How online speed dating works

Online speed dating pretty much works in the same way that physical speed dating does — except everything is done in the virtual world of the Internet. And instead of going from seat to seat, as you would in physical speed dating, online speed dating is done through brief chat sessions with a multiple number of people. The speed dating website is the one in charge of selecting whom you’ll get to chat with, and they do the selection process through video, text, or audio. Most online speed dating websites require users to install a webcam to participate, while some may allow users to opt for voice-enabled chat instead.

An online speed dating session usually allows users to “date” and talk with around 10-20 singles online, with each date lasting around three to five minutes. Even though everything is done online, most online speed dating events are organized according to age and zip code. The geographical classification is used to encourage users to go on actual dates with the people they meet online. By setting a limit to proximity, users will have an easier time setting up physical dates with people that they “clicked” with online. However, there are also some online speed dating websites that allow you to join sessions as soon as you’re logged into their system.

Online speed dating vs. physical speed dating

One of the most oft-cited benefit and edge of online speed dating over its physical counterpart is convenience. No longer would you have to spend hours just getting ready for a speed dating session, because you can participate in one right in the comfort of your own home. Online speed dating also costs less than physical speed dating. With online speed dating, no transportation and food expenses are incurred. And speed dating sessions are guaranteed to take place regardless of weather (unless of course, the bad weather leads to blackouts). Just make sure that once you find a potential mate, you’ll go on an actual physical date. Remember, the Internet can only do so much to help you find a mate and explore possibilities, it’s your job to act on these possibilities and build a relationship.

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Niche Dating Services: Helpful or Restrictive?

A type of dating service that is becoming more and more popular by the minute is the niche online dating service. As the name implies, these are online dating websites that cater to a specific market by establishing a common trait or interest. The trait or interest around which the sites revolve can range anywhere from religion, gender preferences, and race, to hobby, social and financial status, political beliefs, and tons more. This article discusses the common arguments for and against niche dating service websites, as well as one of the subcategories thereof – niche matchmaking sites.

Diversity vs. homogeneity

This is the most common argument raised by those who are for and against niche dating websites. According to those on the anti group, niche dating services defeat the purpose of going on the world wide web to look for love. This is because even though they remove the geographical limitations, they still limit their options according to the “niche” that the site caters to. This prevents them from exploring other cultures and beliefs, and thus from getting the most out of the whole online dating experience.

But for those who subscribe to niche dating services, these websites are far from limiting or restrictive. Instead, they help “picky” singles save time and effort by providing venues where people with common interests and backgrounds meet and communicate with each other. As for the issues of cultures and beliefs, pro-niche dating singles say that cultural differences often come in the way of relationships. So by avoiding or minimizing cultural differences and variety in beliefs, there is a greater possibility of them finding someone whom they’re totally in tune with.

Niche matchmaking sites

One way of understanding niche matchmaking sites is to look at them as “multi-niche” dating services. Why? Because aside from having a general common category like religion (for Christians or Muslims only) or social and financial status (exclusive to those with reported incomes of above $150,000), these websites match users according to other factors such as musical interests, activities, and other categories common to two parties. Through niche matchmaking sites, there is assumed to be higher compatibility rates because the concerned parties share more things in common.

Regardless of whether niche dating services and niche matchmaking sites help love-seeking singles or limit their choices, having them as an online dating option still helps those looking for love through the Internet. By having more choices and options, users can find the specific dating service that best caters to their specific needs.

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Online Dating Meet-ups: Basic Rules of Safety

Say you’ve already found a potential mate through the trusty online dating website you’ve been using. You’ve done a bit of background investigation (albeit discreetly of course) and you’ve both agreed to meet up and see whether that chemistry you have online also applies offline – in the real world that is. Now before you get too excited and start conjuring happily-ever-after thoughts, allow us to play devil’s advocate and remind you that your online buddy may be totally different than how you imagined she or he will be. So to avoid meet-up mishaps and dangers, here are some safety tips you can follow:

Go for a lunch date instead of a late dinner date

You know how most people feel safe in broad daylight? Well, there are good reasons for that, and the most obvious of which is increased visibility. So if anything goes wrong, let out one scream and you’ll have people’s eyes on you and your date. A lunch date can also lend you a backdoor excuse should you feel that the date isn’t going well or the chemistry has gone kaput. Lunch meet-ups tend to have an implied time limit, providing you with a believable excuse to leave early because of “work” and bail out of the date.

And unlike in dinner dates, you don’t have to deal with the usual awkward situations of bringing your date home or inviting them up to your flat. With lunch meet-ups, once the date is over, you exchange niceties (and numbers, possibly) and then go separate ways — simple and mess-free.

Don’t put out or bring your date home on the first date

Unless you met on an adult online dating site, and both of you clearly stated in your profile that you’re interested in meeting casual sexual partners, it’s a big no-no to go home with your date after a first-time meet-up. For the ladies, putting out on the first date hardly translates into “I’m in this for the long run.” Similarly, guys who repeatedly hint that they want to “do the jiggy” after the date rank low on the long-term relationship potential scale.

If your meet-up validated that your chemistry is indeed off the charts, you’ll both want to be around each other for a long time – giving you plenty of other chances to explore physical intimacy.

Bring your own car or use public transport going to and from the date

At this point, some of you are probably thinking that this is starting to border more on paranoia. But hey, better paranoid than encounter a situation you wouldn’t want to be in. Your date probably seems nice and all, but it still wouldn’t hurt to stay a bit on the safe side at first. If the date goes well, then great! But if it doesn’t, at least you won’t get into any serious mishaps because you followed basic safety measures.

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